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Walwayne Court

Tawny Owls (Years 1 and 2)

Miss Smith - Class Teacher Miss Harmsworth - Class Teaching Assistant

 Our learning in Tawny Owls

  • We have been working hard in Phonics this week, practicing some new sounds and beautiful handwriting.
  • The Year 1s have been learning and challenging ourselves to find quarter of a quantity as part of our fractions work in Maths.
  • We have been learning the history of our locality. We used books and iPads to research about the history of Trowbridge. 
  • In PSHE the Year 1s have been learning about how to look after others, including how to care for a baby!
  • For Enterprise week we have been hard at work deciding on a product that we would like to create, creating posters and adverts to market our products and creating the product itself! 
  • We made bridge structures in DT - we learned what made strong and stable structures and used these skills to make a freestanding bridge strong enough to hold a dinosaur!
  • For our hook for English, we received a letter from a baby dinosaur! We followed the clues to investigate where the dinosaur's mum was! 
  • We worked hard on our hot write recounts of Sir James' visit, using our plans to remember what happened first, next, then, after that and finally.
  • The Year 1s have been working on making equal groups in Maths.
  • We have been enjoying our PH sports Tag Rugby sessions and have been practicing throwing, catching and passing.
  • In RE we have started to learn about Judaism. We learned key features such as their special person, special place and special text.
  • We have been working on partitioning 2 digit numbers in Maths and using dienes to find out how many tens and ones each number has.
  • We have been creating our own animated stories in Computing, practicing our typing skills and adding pictures and animation.
  • In History, we have been learning about Charles Darwin and Jane Goodall to answer the question 'Who is the greatest History maker?' 
  • We have been hard at work practicing our sewing skills in DT. We drew our design and then used our running stitch skills to create our final product (ssshhh... it's a secret.....!)
  • We have been learning how to write instructions and we created some super pieces about how to brush our teeth.
  • As part of our Art Play Projects, we have been learning about observational drawing. We used sketching pencils to shade based on our observations.
  • We enjoyed gymnastics outside for PE this week. We worked on practicing our mirroring skills using a variety of movements.
  • We went out for a winter walk in preparation for writing a diary entry about what we saw. We made notes while we walked about what we could see and how we felt.
  • We have been exploring maps and atlases to locate the 5 oceans.
  • We have been learning about living things in Science, and how to identify if something is alive or not alive. We went exploring in the outside area and recorded and classified what we found as alive, dead or has never been alive.