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Walwayne Court

Snowy Owls (Reception)

Mrs Payton Mrs Nuttall Mrs Nunn Miss Nicholl
Mrs Payton - Class Teacher Mrs Nuttall - Class Teaching Assistant Mrs Nunn - Class Teaching Assistant Miss Nicholl - Class Teaching Assistant

 Our learning in Snowy Owls

  • In Science, we have been looking at the importance of brushing our teeth. We all took part in an experiment to see which liquids affected the shell of an egg as the shell is made of a similar material to teeth. We found out that the water was best and the vinegar was the worst. 
  • We have been playing throwing and catching games in PE.
  • We had a visit from Sam, a dentist. She talked to us all about how to keep our teeth nice and healthy...we even got a free tooth brush and toothpaste!
  • We have been continuing our money learning and have been singing '5 currant buns in a bakers shop' with actions!
  • For Enterprise week we have been hard at work deciding on a product that we would like to create, creating posters and adverts to market our products and creating the product itself!
  • We took part in an end of term Maths quiz... we had lots of fun being the fastest to buzz our buzzers and share our answers!
  • We made our own glockenspiel orchestra! We had great fun playing along with Bluey and exploring the different sounds that the instruments made.
  • We investigated cause and effect in explosive style on the school playground! We really enjoyed finding out about volcanoes. 
  • We have been using Purple Mash in Computing to draw our very own dinosaurs.
  • We have been learning the new sound 'sh' in Phonics. We can now read the words shell, shed and shin! 
  • We have been practicing being palaeontologists! We had to extract whole chocolate chips from cookies using special tools just like a real life palaeontologist extracting fossils from rocks.
  • We had a special delivery - a clutch of chicken and quails eggs! We were so excited that they hatched safely!
  • In Art, we have been exploring different types of lines and we used different lines to create a picture of a sheep for Spring. 
  • We are learning all about Spring! We have been looking for signs of Spring around the school grounds and were excited to see a nest, daffodils, blossom and some buds.
  • We have been thinking about things that are important to us in RE, and have drawn some lovely pictures.
  • We have been working hard in phonics and have been practicing writing words with 4 sounds.
  • We had a safety railway talk from Platform prior to our trip on the train to see 'The Snow Mouse' at The Egg Theatre in Bath. We learnt the importance of railway safety and how to keep safe on a train platform. We had a great time at the theatre too!
  • We have been continuing to explore clay this week and have made some fantastic clay penguins!
  • In Art we have been looking at what is a sculpture and what materials they can be made from. We used clay to make our very own sculptures by adding natural resources to make a face. 
  • We have been looking and experimenting with ice! We have been exploring the factors that make it melt quicker and what makes it stay as ice for longer. 
  • We have been learning to use the woodwork bench. We have been learning the rules that we have to follow to use the equipment safely and have been demonstrating our skills at using a hammer and nails.