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Walwayne Court

Robins (Years 5 and 6)

Mr Pickett - Class Teacher Mrs Day - Class Teaching Assistant

 Our learning in Robins

  • For Enterprise week we have been hard at work deciding on a product that we would like to create, doing market research to find out what might sell the best, working out the cost of the different components that we need and finding the best price, using this information to work out how much to charge per item in order to make the best profit, creating posters and adverts to market our products and creating the product itself!
  • We explored light in Science and learned about how light is reflected or refracted in different situations.
  • We completed our mile and sprint heats in preparation for Sports Day - luckily the weather was a bit cooler than it has been!
  • In Geography, we have been exploring latitude and longitude.
  • We have been continuing our work on character flaw stories. We introduced the main character and worked on creating suspense and tension in our writing.
  • In PSHE, we have been looking at fantastic facts about the human body and what the body needs to keep it fit and healthy.
  • We enjoyed our first session of Tag rugby with Bath Rugby. We practiced our passing and catching skills and some children showed some fabulous skills!
  • In Art, we have been exploring a range of different artists and making notes in our sketchbooks.
  • We continued our work on Buddhism in RE. We recreated The Legend of the Fish Basket through mime!
  • In History, we have been learning all about The British Empire. We investigated why Britain built an empire around the world.
  • We have been continuing our work on persuasive writing, focusing hard on making sure that we are using our verb tenses correctly. 
  • We have been learning about different words with the /g/ sound in phonics. We have been building and writing words and learning the meanings of the new words in context.
  • We worked with Miss Dally in PE to choreograph our own dance routines based on the theme of 'War'. We thought about the beat and tempo of the music and matched dance moves to this to tell a story.
  • We have been planning and writing blogs and diary entries in English, working hard to produce some great and polished final pieces.
  • We have been working on composing a piece of Hip Hop music using YuStudio, a Digital Audio Workstation. This week, we have created a drum track.
  • We have been continuing to improve our arithmetic skills in Maths and lots of us are now getting 100% in our timed practice, even when Mr Pickett insists on fractions needing to be simplified!
  • We started a new unit of work in History. We are learning all about the Trojan Horse linked to our work on Ancient Greece. The big question is.... Trojan Horse: Historical fact, legend or classical myth? What do you think?