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Walwayne Court

Ladybirds (Years 3 and 4)

Miss Kelson - Class Teacher Mrs Ridout - Class Teaching Assistant

 Our learning in Ladybirds

  • We drew our own maps in Maths and had to direct our friends to different locations using vocabulary such as clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn, half turn and 3 quarter turn. 
  • In Spanish, we have been learning to read, write and say the names of different Olympic sports.
  • We had great fun on a treasure hunt in our school grounds, using our maps skills to correctly identify the locations on the map and crack the code!
  • We have been learning about finding change, linking in with Enterprise week and preparing them for selling our products on the stall. 
  • For Enterprise week we have been hard at work deciding on a product that we would like to create, doing market research to find out what might sell the best, using pricing information to work out how much to charge per item in order to make the best profit, creating posters and adverts to market our products and creating the product itself! 
  • We have been working hard at using our sewing skills to make pouches. There were lots of skills practiced including stitches, needle threading, attaching poppers, resilience and perseverance!
  • We have worked hard all week uplevelling our writing, resulting in finishing off some great descriptive writing on Friday.
  • In Science, we have been learning all about the different parts of the human skeleton.
  • We enjoyed our PE session with Bath Rugby and worked hard on our throwing, catching and passing skills.
  • We have continued to enjoy our Samba sessions. We had great fun playing a variety of drums and exploring playing rhythms together.
  • We are learning about coding in Computing and used the ipads to explore some simple cause and effect coding.
  • In RE, we have learning about Islam and have been learning the story of Muhammad and his importance.
  • We have been finding out all about volcanoes in Geography. We used our knowledge to label key features.
  • Our story writing skills are coming on a treat and we have been focusing on using language techniques to add suspense into our stories.
  • We started a new unit of work in Spanish, all about different types of houses and homes. We learned how to say "Vivo en..... " (I live in.....) confidently and clearly to describe where we live.
  • We have been keeping up our times table practice by using TT rockstars to help with rapid recall of the key facts.
  • The Year 4's have been enjoying listening to Treasure Island as our reading project story this term.
  • In Gymnastics we learned about different types of rolls and how to perform them safely and in a controlled manner.
  • In Maths, we have been working on fractions and solving problems using our fractions knowledge. We are getting really good at justifying our answers to say how we know whether something is correct or incorrect.
  • We have been learning all about online safety in Computing. We looked at how to recognise a SPAM email and thought about what we should do if we receive one.
  • We have started our Science topic on animals, and have been learning about where different animals live and sorting them according to their habitat.