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Walwayne Court

Kingfishers (Years 5 and 6)

Miss McEleny - Class Teacher Ms Jackson - Class Teaching Assistant Mr Dainton - Class Teaching Assistant Mrs Jones - Class Teaching Assistant

 Our learning in Kingfishers

  • For Enterprise week we have been hard at work deciding on a product that we would like to create, doing market research to find out what might sell the best, working out the cost of the different components that we need and finding the best price, using this information to work out how much to charge per item in order to make the best profit, creating posters and adverts to market our products and creating the product itself!
  • We enjoyed making Spanish tortillas in cooking - they smelled delicious!
  • We have been working on our chair designs in DT, exploring different materials that we could use and finalising our designs.
  • We wrote and published our character flaw stories. We worked hard this term to build our stories in great detail.
  • In Geography, we have been revisiting key facts about the world, including the names and location of continents and oceans, the hemispheres and the equator.
  • We have been learning about light in Science, and we investigated how light is reflected.
  • We started a new DT topic all about food. We looked at Spanish cuisine in Spain and various other countries which show aspects of Spanish culture in their cooking. We also talked about eating a balanced diet.
  • We have been learning about the Islamic story "The legend of the fish basket" and represented key scenes through freeze framing.
  • We have been learning about measuring and classifying angles in Maths, and have been working on our protractor skills!
  • We had a great Music session with Miss Dally. We listened to a classical piece of Music and thought about what we liked and disliked, and used musical vocabulary to describe the tempo and volume. Then we compared it to a more modern version and thought about which version we preferred.
  • We are finding out about the Battle of Britain in History. We have been learning about key countries that were involved and used atlases to find out the names and locations of the countries on a world map.
  • We worked hard on text exploration this week, identifying why we use different texts for a variety of purposes.
  • As part of Internet safety week, we learned about AI and the advancement of technology through time. A great mix of Computing and History!
  • We have been working on composing a piece of Hip Hop music using YuStudio, a Digital Audio Workstation and have created some drum tracks.
  • We have been dancing with Miss Dally! We have been working on listening carefully to the music and moving in time to the beat in order to put together a fantastic expressive group piece.
  • We have been looking at diary and blog writing in English. We identified key features and practiced how to use these in our own writing.
  • We supported our Snowy Owl buddies with their work in Computing. We helped them to practice logging in to Purple Mash and navigating around the program.