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Walwayne Court

Helping in School

We welcome and are grateful for, your help in school, whether it is for an hour, a day or through the whole term.  Some of the activities for which you might like to consider volunteering are:

  • Assisting groups of children in teacher directed activities
  • Sharing books
  • Talking and listening activities with individuals or small groups
  • Cooking with small groups
  • Going on trips
  • Helping with swimming, football, cycling proficiency, sports and clubs
  • Running a lunchtime or after school club
  • General help around the classroom – paint mixing, preparing dough, pencil sharpening, sticking work in books etc
  • Joining in with whole school enrichment projects
  • Maintenance work such as painting classrooms, gardening etc

If you are kind enough to offer your help in school, there are certain professional guidelines we ask you to follow:


  • Please treat in the strictest confidence, any matters you may overhear or see regarding an individual child and do not discuss any aspect of their work or circumstances with anyone but their teacher.  To do so could cause great distress and embarrassment and jeopardize our home/school partnership.
  • Be sensitive about the words you use, both to children and adults within the children’s hearing – children may repeat what you have said.


  • Be aware of, and follow, the Health and Safety legislation and the school’s Health and Safety policy – copies are found in the staffroom.
  • Be aware of our fire drill procedure and if you hear the alarm (a continuous tone), take any child in your care quickly and quietly out through the nearest exit and to the rest of their class. 
  • Never leave a child unsupervised.
  • Please be aware that physical contact with children needs to be appropriate.  For example not picking children up.  However, you do need to be sensitive, particularly with the younger children.

Entry to School

  • When you come to help in school, please use the security buzzer in the foyer to notify the staff of your arrival.  Please sign the register and collect a visitors badge - this should be returned when you leave.


  • Parents are very welcome to join the staff for coffee in the staffroom at breaktime.  However, you may need to liaise with your teacher about the most convenient time for you to take your break.  You may be asked to take the 10 minutes before or after breaktime, to ensure that the staff are able to make the most of what is, for them, a very short break in a very busy day.


  • We expect the children to take responsibility for their equipment and resources and particularly for clearing up.  Please help us to train them in self-sufficiency.
  • If any difficulties arise while you are working with a child, please inform the teacher immediately.  Similarly, if there is any aspect of school life which concerns you, do please speak to a member of staff – they are only too willing to explain school policy, development plans etc.
  • The teacher would appreciate advance warning if you are not able to attend for your agreed activity.

We want to give you information and guidance without swamping you with too much to read.  Perhaps the following are questions which you may want to ask – we hope the answers will help.

How will I know what to do?

The class teacher will make sure that you know what to do, how to do it and also the reason for doing it.  If you are unsure about anything do ask!

How much help do I give the children?

It is important that the children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and to find their own solutions when appropriate.

What if a child won’t co-operate and stay on task, or just won’t do as I ask?

Don’t worry – don’t feel as though you are failing in any way.  Have a word with the teacher straight away and she will deal positively with the situation.

If a child seems unhappy working with me what should I do?

Again, speak to the teacher straight away.

What if I don’t feel confident in the activity I’ve been asked to do?

Not everyone likes cooking or sewing but there may be things that you enjoy – everyone has something different to offer and we want you to feel confident and comfortable in working with the children.  Be honest and tell the teacher if you have any worries about what you have been asked to do, there is always a choice.

If I am asked to read with children how will I know what to do?

The teacher will explain the learning intention for reading and how to assist with it before the actual session. 

There are many more questions we know you will want to ask but we hope that the above will be useful as a starting point. 

We very much hope that you will enjoy being part of the busy, exciting business of assisting learning, and we very much appreciate you making the commitment to help regularly.  The children will soon value you as an important part of the team of “grown ups” in school who take care of them.

We look forward to seeing you around the school reading, playing maths games, cooking, sewing etc, etc!

Thank you for your help – it is very much appreciated.

From all the children and staff at Walwayne Court School