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Walwayne Court

Foxes (Years 3 and 4)

Miss Wanless - Class Teacher Mrs Rolls - Class Teaching Assistant Mrs Lux - Class Teaching Assistant

 Our learning in Foxes

We were inspired by the work of Henri Matisse who "drew with scissors" using cut paper to create pictures and designs.

We wrapped up our DT learning by looking at our finished textiles projects. We though about what had gone well and what could be improved.

We took part in an Olympic parade around the playground to kick off our topic all about the Olympics. We have been using our safe searching skills to research the countries on the internet. 

In PE we are focusing on athletics and the upcoming Olympic games. Each week we are thinking about a different skill focus and this week was running and jumping over hurdles.

For Enterprise week we have been hard at work deciding on a product that we would like to create, doing market research to find out what might sell the best, using pricing information to work out how much to charge per item in order to make the best profit, creating posters and adverts to market our products and creating the product itself! 

We planned our descriptive writing ... we worked really hard using our creative skills and thinking about what we wanted to include.

We have been learning about different parts of the skeleton in Science. We have been finding out the names of different bones and how they work together.

In English, we have been publishing our persuasive letters using our neatest handwriting and best presentation skills.

We worked hard on a shared write for a persuasive letter about why hamsters are the best pets. We came up with some great arguments!

In RE, we are learning about Judaism, and have been recapping what we already know and learning some new key knowledge about the religion.

In Science, we are learning about nutrition and have been finding out all about different food groups.

We have been exploring how fossils are made and its link to rocks and their formation.

We have been exploring art through digital manipulation. We looked at the work of Piet Mondrian and created artwork inspired by him on the ipads.

In PE, we practiced our Athletics skills ready for Sports Day. We have been working on how to jump effectively to make the longest jump.

In Science, we are learning all about rocks! We learned about all igneous rock and how it is formed.

We really enjoyed our weekly Samba session!

We have been writing stories with a 'finding' theme based on a short film we watched about the Vikings.

We have been focusing on classification of living things this week in Science, designing our own classification keys to help support the identification of features and sorting of animals into groups.

We learned about musical notation in Music and linked it to the percussion work we have done in Samba with Mr Garcia. We also had fun learning and singing a new song.

We are learning about Vikings in History and continued our learning by finding out more about Viking longships - how were they powered, what were they made of and what were they used for?

We enjoyed Gymnastics in PE, starting by recapping and practicing different ways to jump and land safely.